“I see humans, no humanity.”

student-849825__480.jpgThank you for your words Jason Donohue

Over the years technology has advanced, you can communicate with someone from halfway across the globe. We no longer have to send pigeons (or owls like Harry Potter) to deliver our messages in hope of them being received. There’s a quicker and more reliable option…imagine with all these social media sites, all these gadgets (provided you have a good Internet connection) you can be chatting in an instant.
Now there’s that bitter, deranged and belligerent human being- surprise surprise. They have a vendetta against a certain somebody but they are too cowardly to confront the person face to face. The Internet and the broad screen of an iPhone are the perfect line of defence, the perfect barrier between you and the assailant. The distance between you and the aggressor gives them a false sense of security and there they go running their mouths.

People using the Internet as a weapon of mass destruction
Nobody on this planet is perfect, we all make mistakes and that is exactly why pencils have erasers! That doesn’t mean we should attack everyone who makes a mistake, quite frankly sometimes people judge you for the splinters in your eye yet they harbor the amazon rainforest in theirs. Dear bullies I kindly request that you attend to your inferiority complex before lashing out at other people in a desperate attempt to fill a void that is comprised of lack of self esteem.
Well unfortunately “society” isn’t fair and everybody would love to have a taste of the latest gossip. So judge, criticize, belittle and ridicule all you want- provided that you have papers certified that you are Deputy Jesus. Its such a funny thing that nothing’s funny…when it’s you.

There’s a reason for their anonymity, cowards


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