Reasons To Be Missed II

You were a ray of hope in this somewhat sinister place
Darkness never could contend against us, it shamefully hid it’s face
And when we needed you, you did not hesitate
To put your life on the line for our sakes

Our hearts shattered when we heard the news
All the hope disintegrated, sense of security bruised
For of the myriads of people, we had to lose
Our hero, our angel, our father too

Darkness drew near at the hour of your death
For any semblance of joy, any minds at rest
Were lost at your very last breath
Tears streamed down our faces in defiant protest

The sky contorted its face and wore a heavy grimace
The wind blew fiercely, it brewed nothing but chaos
The seas seized us and we were tossed far from the shore
The reality of losing you surely shook us to the core

Lord we may never know why, and that alone makes me cringe
When we wail and weep and when our patience wears thin
Wipe the tears from our eyes, hold us in your hands
Remind us that you’ve crafted a plan

Our light that defied darkness was very dim
Grief pulled us apart limb from limb
“Everything will be fine” they said, though it was all very grim
We just couldn’t fathom living without him

Gems and jewels encased in queer crevices and buried deep in the ground
Are of far less value than what I’ve found

I have two fathers in heaven now and I know I am safe and sound.

12 years, 4 months and 24 days just wasn’t enough
But thank you for being our everlasting ray of sun
I love you and I know the battle’s been won
Even though your time on earth is done.

Nkululeko Zulu 17/01/62 – 21/02/15



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