Worst Enemy


There are wicked, wild waterfalls
And seas that are never at rest
And mighty mountains to top it all
To put you to the test
Antagonistic avalanches rushing down
Hoping you’ll go tumbling after
Forces trying to make you the clown
The source of all the laughter
The forests may wear frowns on their faces
They’ll be enemies protruding from the ground
Green with envy, many traces
That they just don’t want you around
Long enough for you to grow
And take your throne and Crown
Many stones they will throw
So you’re never safe nor sound
The earth may quake to deliver your demise
Rivers raging and your boat may capsize
They’ll shake your very being but you’ll survive
It’s not the end, you’ll eventually rise
But beware of the biggest brute, your worst enemy
She’ll send you down with no parachute, she wreaks of cruelty
She has the self destruct button in her clutches
If she wants she can bring destruction to everything she touches
Walk over to a mirror or a clear pool of water
And look deep into the eyes of whatever you view;
You’ll see she’s ready to slay and slaughter
And just in case you didn’t have a clue:
The most harmful effects on your health
Are those inflicted by you, no one else
You may be conflicted but the power is yours
The greatest battles and bloodiest wars
The most flamboyant bruises and deepest sores
The most debilitating criticism you can endure
Are all conjured up by your very own hand

The greatest tragedy is self sabotage
There’s no real beauty in it, it’s like a mirage
If you want to conquer great heights and acquire wealth
Start by being good to yourself

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