Nobody’s Home

home.jpgEmily Thorne — ‘Over time, we commit acts with intentions, either good or bad, that require forgiveness.’

I’ve gone astray before, I’ve set fires all over the place before and I’ve said and done things that I look back on today and still, they have me burying my face in my hands, well who hasn’t?

I mean who? Who? Who?
I may sound like an owl now, but, WHO?

Yeah and there will be the enemies of progress who don’t quite remember the quadratic formula, what a ribosome is and the preparation of insoluble salts but the shortcomings of other people? The memory of an elephant.

This is what gets under my skin: when you try redeem yourself all you hear is “A leopard never changes it’s spots” and the chapter of your life you’d rather not have read aloud is constantly being broadcasted.

When you’re trying to take a step in the right direction,
trying to extinguish the fires
trying to bury hatchets
trying to rebuild the bridges you burnt
trying to get back on track
Ultimately trying to get back home

There’s nobody to cheer you on, noone to lean on, everyone is just fixed on the possibility of you making a U-turn and others are fanning the glowing embers of your past. You’re knocking on the door so you can re-enter society and the hearts and minds of others but there’s nobody home because they are all going to town about your previous actions.

Pun intended

That’s just how people are, that’s just the way it is. Then why is it as clear as mud to us why people fail to convert themselves into better people? I mean come on people, sense was knocked into them, they mended all that they could, then they finally went to add the finishing touch, they went home; the people, the good way of life they once knew, the positivity that they lacked when they were away and there was nobody home to open the door for them with arms spread wide.

Nobody had enough faith in them coming back. Everybody wanted a scapegoat, “You think I’m awful, but at least I’m not as bad as so-and-so.” Everybody wants to be consoled as far as their sins are concerned so someone has to suffer and become the outsider.

“She can’t find her place
She’s losing her faith
She’s falling from grace
She’s all over the place, yeah
She wants to go home
But nobody’s home
That’s where she lies
Broken inside
With no place to go
No place to go to
To dry her eyes
Broken inside” – Avril Lavigne, Nobody’s Home

Nobody was home so why are you surprised that they are all over the place now?



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