Cold Is The Night

If you are/were in the southern regions of Africa this winter you’d shiver in agreement with that statement.

Well I’m guessing after 21 blog posts you’d be able to connect the dots and come to the conclusion that this one will have absolutely nothing to do with the weather. I’m fond of throwing people off with my titles and introductions.

The Oh Hellos sang a song called Cold Is the Night and it aided me in writing this post.

Imagine the earth and the sun. The earth revolves around the sun. It’s our very lifeline; it gives us light, warmth, energy, tans…it’s basically everything. The earth also rotates about on its axis and this gives us day and night and as the earth orbits the sun some parts of the world will be closer to it than others at different times of year and this gives us the different seasons. The sun doesn’t move, so when we say the sun has gone down that is so very wrong.

Have I lost you yet?

God is the sun.

We are the earth.

Cold is the night without you here

Just your absence ringing in my ears

Whenever the temperatures get really low (winter) it simply means we’ve moved further away from Him and when we are stranded in the dark (nighttime) it’s because we have turned our backs on Him.

Oh and on cloudy days He’s still there, above the clouds.

You hitting a rough patch as far as your connection with the creator is concerned is just as likely to happen as the seasons changing and nightfall.


The sun will definitely rise again.

In a couple of months/weeks it’ll be summer.

It’s only a matter of time until the clouds clear.

“Steady is the hand that’s come to terms

With the lessons it has had to learn

I’ve seen the things that I must do

But Lord this journey’s meant for two

So I am waiting here for you”

The Oh Hellos – Cold Is The Night



  1. clandie · July 22, 2018

    Ooh sister! This is my sermon for tonight! Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Zothile Zulu · September 1

      Well, thank YOU! I appreciate this feedback really puts a smile on my face


  2. Ogden Fahey · September 10

    I enjoyed this one – nice song too! 🙂


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