Take 2 capsules 4 times a day until finished.

Yeah we are not going to delve deep into how antibiotics ensure that bacteria cell walls do not develop properly, water diffuses into their cells by osmosis and the cells burst because they have no supporting cell wall and basically bye-bye bacteria. No.

If you happen to contract a bacterial infection you may be handed antibiotics to annihilate the pesky bacteria (I described this above) and you have to finish that course of antibiotics even after you get better because the bacteria may gain resistance to the antibiotic if you don’t!

(Oh yeah and don’t take any antibiotics when it isn’t necessary, you’ll breed mutants.)

The plot thickens…

There is a special group of people I’ve classified as antibiotics and I hope you can see where this is going.

There was a time in my very short life of 15 years when it was not easy-peasy-lemon-squeasy, rather, it was difficult-difficult-lemon-difficult. I was plagued by the bacterium oh maybe something’s wrong with me and the fight of the century that occurred between me and my not-so-friends did everything but make it better. Then, there they were, in the distance, the lights at the end of the tunnel, the iridescence after the storm, the people who made my situation bearable.

We became friends and I was overjoyed; my third greatest support system (God first, family second) I had finally found a place to belong and I thought about Joan Armatrading’s words “Good friendships seldom die” so the chances of this alliance falling apart were slim. They were perfect.

As I was getting back on my feet again I realized that they were slowly drifting away from me until eventually they were out of my reach. I was beyond puzzled and I found myself clutching at straws, there was barely any trace of friendship left but I tugged and tugged – obviously hurting myself in the process.

Then it hit me. People are placed in your life for a reason and a season. Sometimes, like an antibiotic they are very useful, they are recruited as soldiers to ward off the terrible and then when the war’s been won they stick around for a short time before leaving and we have to let them go because we could get gravely ill and hurt if we don’t  (remember those mutants I spoke of earlier)

So there you have it, tell your Pharmacist I said Hey.


Ancient Ruins

I absolutely adore writing, its one of the only things that keep me sane. This year my school entered my poem along with other people’s literary works into the Girl’s College Literary Competition. After having sent five entries over the years and receiving no grade higher than First Class I was not expecting much from it. Then, surprise surprise, for the first time since 2010 I received Honours, for Ancient Ruins. There you have it, the foundation of this post.

A place where angels fear to tread
Optimism, faith, love- all dead
The horrible place where you find
That no life or joy ever resides
The birds never sing, sun never shines
Daytime is as dark as night
It is encamped by a river of tears
And shrouded in your greatest fears
It is the definition of despair,
Happiness is never there.

An albatross is placed around your neck
The second you attempt to step
Closer to the source of gloom
What awaits? certain doom
For you cannot run, nor can you escape
The sorrow that from within, emanates.

But who’s responsible for this situation?
Who is to blame for this desolation?
In the midst of the rubble and debris
In my mind’s eye, in a reverie
It comes flooding back -it seems
The fault is mine- definitely.

I sent the torrential shower of anger and hate
So corrosive, it caused hope to disintegrate
When i realised, it was far too late
To ever avoid this dreadful fate.

I stand now with blood stained hands
Noone could’ve stood a chance
Against the flood of fury and malice
That caused all the good to disappear, to vanish.

Everything crumbled, everything fell
The story left for me to tell:
That i established this place
Where all good has gone, without a trace.
Life goes on, I remain stuck
For making a gargantuan mistake such,
As turning an idyllic life
Into ruins seasoned by time.

I was inspired to write this poem by the remorse that flowed profusely from my conscience. I feel like this is a depiction of the events that ensue after we hurt the people around us, that when matters remain unresolved they leave lives in shambles and hatred and bad blood are brewed. In the midst of this you can’t help but feel a twinge of guilt and the unfinished business hinders you from moving on. That’s where I was in February 2017.  Don’t go there.